"Under the Makeup... It's Me!'

What's between the covers?

“Under the Makeup…It’s Me!” is a transparent “truthtale”. Jana did not sugar-coat the stories of what she has survived. Therefore, not all of the content of this 296-page book is rated as “kid friendly”. However, the 22 pages of photos which follow each of the six “ACTS” (chapters) on the “Playbill” are suitable for all-age viewing! Jana explains that the “R” rating becomes a “3-R” rating by Act six: “Rescued, Redeemed and Restored!”

When Jana speaks her testimony she delivers the “PG” edition—but in this book she has chosen to reveal some of her deepest secrets—taking you to the dark places where you will see why she calls herself a “walking miracle”!

Years before the #Me Too movement began, Jana had already gone public with her story—sharing how God had carried her through the tragedy and trauma and eventually gave her the “Courage to heal and be real”.

Jana is accustomed to leaving her speaking engagements with wet shoulders, because there is almost always a line-up of audience members (many in tears) waiting for a hug and a chance to share their own private pain. She is blessed to be a “messenger” of Hope—to reassure them that they are not alone! We do not have to stay stuck in our miserable messes!

In “Under the Makeup…It’s Me!” Jana will show you how she learned to find Joy in the midst of pain, count her blessings, and give thanks to her Creator—the ONE who always knew WHO she was meant to be! He knows YOU too!

He is waiting in the wings to Welcome Home His Prodigal Daughters (and Sons)!

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